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Washington City Ride Card
Welcome to the WA-B City Ride card for 2017

At our first gathering for the year, we randomly drew letters, representing the first letter of cities within Washington State. The letters we drew were: 'F', 'L', 'P', 'R'. From the Wikipedia page that listed cities in Washington, this added up to 43 cities. The attending members decided that this was enough.

So, your task is to find each of the cities listed in the ride card and take a 'selfie' of yourself and either the city limit sign or of the post office with the name of the city on it. You can include your motorcycle, or car, whatever you used to drive to the city but the method of transportation is optional in the selfies.

For the cities that have more than one word, such as Port Orchard, the first letter is all that counts so this would be included in the 'P' listing.

The ride card is not an 'all-inclusive' list of cities that begin with our selected letters. If, in your travels, you find a city that starts with one of our selected letters but is not included on the ride card, add the name in any blank line.

At the end of the year, usually at the Christmas Party, you can turn in your ride card for chances to win...

It doesn't matter if you complete the ride card or not, you will get credit for any and all cities that you do find.

This link will take you to the ride card for you to print out if you like. Card stock ride cards are available at the WA-B gatherings.

To print the card, print dual sided (duplex), flipping the page on the short end.

2017 WA-B City Ride Card

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