For your convenience, the 2017 Ride Cards have been made available for download.

     They are intended to be the standard for the year and fully endorsed by the Chapter Director as official.

     They are  best downloaded by using the right click....left click "Save Target As" method, saving it

     to a folder of your choice on your hard drive and then printing or viewing it at your leisure.


     Printing the ride cards to present a front and back single card appearance depends on your computer

     and printing capabilities. They need not be front and back if you have difficulty or are unable to do it.

     Card stock or heavier weight paper of some type is recommended based on your printer's limitations.


      While supplies last, pre-printed ride cards on card stock paper will be available at monthly gatherings.


         Have a safe riding year...


                2017 WA-B Ride Card  (420 kb pdf)


 NEW    2017 WA-State City Ride Card    NEW




       For historical purposes the 2016 Ride Card will remain available for download for 1 additional year.

2016 WA-B Ride Card  (250 kb pdf)


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